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abrasive waterjet services

Waterjet Cutting  |  Laser Cutting  |  Tapping  |  Laser Marking  |  Manual Milling

Sand Blasting  |  TIG Welding  |  MIG Welding  |  Research & Development  Prototyping  |   Manufacturing  |  CAD Drawing  |  Fabrication


Founded in 2008 by Tim Stonnell after seeing abrasive waterjets on YouTube and the interesting possibility for these CNC machines we found the first occupier of our workshop - an Omax 5555 Waterjet System with a 40 hp pump.

Since 2008 we have cut everything from metal to carbon fibre to kauri gum, cutting anything between 0.1mm to 20cm thick material, co-created parts from automotive, rockets, microchips, to art and jewellery.


The workshop tools expanded to include a laser cutter and engraver, manual mill, sandblasting box, TIG and MIG to name a few. 

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